Thursday, January 10, 2013

Save Lake Thicket - Nottingham Forest Civic Association

c/o RealManage Houston, LP
2000 S. Dairy Ashford, Suite 120
Houston, Texas 77077

January 10, 2013
Mr. Michael McNally
President and CEO
Skanska USA
350 Fifth Avenue
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10118

Dear Mr. McNally:

      On behalf of the Nottingham Forest Civic Association, Inc., I am writing to urge your company to reconsider its plans regarding Lake Thicket in front of the office building located at 15375 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas.

     Our city - and especially west Houston - has been fortunate to enjoy a robust economy, even during the worst of the recent economic downtum. While we certainly welcome increased business development in our area, we must also be diligent in ensuring the growth accompanying such development enhances, rather than harms, our existing community. I understand Skanska intends to drain and fill Lake Thicket and the surrounding wetlands. This action would, undoubtedly, negatively affect Nottingham Forest and neighborhoods located all along the Memorial Drive/Buffalo Bayou corridor.

     Portions of Nottingham Forest, which lies downstream of Lake Thicket, are already subject to flooding, and filling in this natural wetland would only exacerbate the problem. Furthennore, altering the wetland would harm the beautiful natural environment that makes west Houston such an attractive area for homes and businesses. In short, filling in Lake Thicket would contribute to the already disturbing destruction of wildlife in the area, as well as negatively impacting storm water quality.

     Nottingham Forest welcomes business neighbors who recognize our area's attributes and will ensure west Houston remains a special place to work and live. I look forward to discussing with you how Skanska might work with the communities in west Houston to develop a new plan for Lake Thicket that will benefit our area. Please feel free to have someone contact me by email xxxxxxxxxxxx or telephone at 713-XXX-XXXX to further discuss this matter.


Jonathan D. Polley
Nottingham Forest Civic Association, Inc.