Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lake Thicket - Is Skanska Really Green in Houston, Texas?

From: Don Johnson
Sent: Saturday, May 26, 2012 11:08 PM
To: Karin Lepasoon, Skanska
Subject: Is Skanska Really Green in Houston, Texas?

Attached is a letter with two photographs which make a case for us, your future neighbors, to call into question Skanska's commitment to conscientious stewardship of the environment and to sustainable development. Hard copies of these attachments should arrive at your office early next week.
We neighboring homeowners do not understand the discrepancy between the stated commitment to the environment on your website and the actions of your company in regard to the treatment of our beloved Lake Thicket in West Houston. On one of your webpages Skanska praises itself at least fifteen times as being a "green" company, yet, as the attachments show, your actions have definitely not been "green".

This is especially shocking to me, for I lived and worked in Norway for six years and was president of Conoco Norway for three of those years, and during that period I came to know how deeply Scandinavians respect the environment. I recall discussing this over lunch with Gro Haarlem Brundtland, the Prime Minister of Norway and later the United Nations advocate of sustainable development. I mention this because I note that your website frequently refers to Skanska's commitment to sustainable development.

Please understand that our group is quite serious about the deterioration and probable abandonment of Lake Thicket. We have already publicized the issue on Houston television news, and an article on this subject is scheduled to appear in tomorrow's issue of the Houston Chronicle newspaper. Further action is underway, as I write, involving the United States Corps of Engineers and our elected officials.

We would like not to have these differences with you, for we want our relationship to be one of mutually respectful neighbors. Therefore, I invite you not to oppose us but to join us in our effort to protect this beautiful, natural (not man made) lake, its associated wildlife, and its wetlands by incorporating the lake into the design of your development, as the previous developer did.


Don Johnson, President of the Memorial Thicket Homeowners Association

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Lake Thicket Current Conditions

Lake Thicket Prior State

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